Chrisp Street Health Centre

100 Chrisp Street, Poplar, London E14 6PG - Tel: 020 7515 4860



For prenatal advice please make an appointment to see your doctor or one of the practice nurses. 

It is usually advised that you commence on a dose of folic acid (400mcg) 3 months before you become pregnant.

When you discover that you are pregnant, please make an appointment as soon as you can with your GP or one of our nurses to book your pregnancy in to our antenatal service and to ensure that we get your pregnancy reviewed by one of our midwifes and your scans arranged on time.

We will arrange for your scans and blood tests to be carried out.



Antenatal Clinics
We try and arrange appointments for antenatal care at convenient times at times of the day that are not busy to ensure that you do not have to wait too long as well as to ensure that you recieve appropriate care. There is a dedicated reception desk that is opened for pregnant women at this time to ensure that you recieve the best possible care.



Pregnancy Drop in Sessions

The Riverside Midwifery Team looks after Chrisp Street patients. They now run weekly group sessions for mothers wanting to discuss their care before 14 weeks of pregnancy. It’s your opportunity to ask a midwife about diet, screening and symptoms.

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All other information will be given at your booking appointment at the Royal London Hospital which you’ll be sent.


The Riverside Team can be contacted on 020 7791 8235.