Chrisp Street Health Centre

100 Chrisp Street, Poplar, London E14 6PG - Tel: 020 7515 4860



In 2009 Tower Hamlets began to address the need for change by organising GPs into networks.


This was done to focus on population health across a geography coterminous with Local Authority boundaries.

The aim would be to ensure sufficient scale and cost efficiencies to:
– Access rare skills and resources (e.g., equipment)
– Ensure access
– Allow specialisation of staff


We would also build collaborative relationships with wide range of partners (e.g. schools, RSLs and the 3rd sector)


There would be better integration with infrastructure


It would serve as a basis to coordinate with the NHS:
– Acute sector (e.g., for consultants to work in community)
– CHS services (e.g., for coordination of field deployed staff).